@ZAYNT1144 1. Can you briefly introduce yourself (who are you,…


1. Can you briefly introduce yourself (who are you, where are you from, how do we find you on IG).

Flo: Hello my name is FLO from Berlin/GER and my IG is Zaynt1144

2. Since when do you collect shoes and why Asics?

Flo: I always had many shoes even as a kid.
So i dont think i was collecting but always want to stay fresh and look nice.
I remember the first real addiction started with this local footlocker that turns
into an outlet and they got new stuff ever day…
So i was going to check and buy pairs and shirts every day after school.
AM1’s for 50€ and below^^ what a time to be alife :p
Then i see asics gel-lyte speed from a friend and i was mad in love with asics!!
had to be around 2009/10 i think. (Directional Level Pack and then the Surface Pack had me go all in)

3. Your sneaker wall is on fire, which 3 shoes would you save?

Flo: If my wall’s was on fire i would save a Gel-1090 for everyday wears,
A Gel-Lyte V ( Extrabutter /”Karaoke” ) to match my future son’s baby GLV^^
And a Gel-Lyte III probably an OG CW for nostalgic reasons.

4. If you could change one thing in the sneaker game: What would it be?

Flo: slow down with the collabo game 🙁 shits ridiculis stupid and makes no sense to me
to buy 50 off white dunks and all that bs.

5. What is the best soft drink in the world?

Flo: Fanta Pink Grapefruit OG

6. Dogs or cats?


7. Any final words for the community?

Flo: Stay Healthy, Support some small business and family/friends + #makeGLVgreatagain