The ultimate Nike Air Max 1 FAQ

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The Nike Air Max models belong to the sneakers that, along with the Air Jordan models, have shaped an entire era in Nike’s past. Until today, the brand has inspired whole generations with the various silhouettes of the Air Max family and has been able to leave its mark on the most diverse scenes. The super-comfortable cushioning technology used in each of these models has been particularly popular.

By 1987, when the very first shoe with a visible Air unit was launched, everyone had to own one of these Air Max models. And this is where we pick up and take a closer look at “The One” in the ultimate Sneakerjagers Nike Air Max 1 FAQ.

When did the Nike Air Max 1 come onto the market?

The Nike Air Max 1, which was alternatively called Nike Air Max ’87 at the time, was launched in 1987, on 26 March to be precise, as the first flagship of the Air Max family.

The special sneaker extremely revolutionised the time and changed the image of what the ultimate running shoe was. To this day, Air Max lovers celebrate Air Max Day every year on 26 March together with Nike and many specials from the brand.

Air Max 1

Images: Nike

How can you tell if it’s an original or fake Nike Air Max 1?

Nowadays it is often very difficult to distinguish fakes from real couples, as replicas are getting closer and closer to the original. That is why it is important to pay attention to details! For example, fakes often have inaccurate stitching.

Another characteristic for the authenticity of an AM 1 is the “Nike Air” logo stitching on the heel. Most of the time, the Swoosh here is not the optimal size and the spaces between the four letters are usually not properly maintained.

A final distinctive feature is the SKU number, which is located on the sizetag on the inside of the tongue. (Ex. at the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant: 908366-001) If you enter this product number on the internet, the model you want to find should be the first result. If this is not the case and the correct silhouette is shown but many different colorways, you can be almost certain that you are dealing with a fake.

Air Max 1
Air Max 1

Images: Sneakerjagers / @ouls79

How good is the quality of the Nike Air Max 1?

As a result of the fact that the AM 1 was designed as a running or sports shoe, the shoes should probably have good robustness and durability. Today, the quality of the legendary Air Max 1 is also adapted to the brand’s performance standards, as is the case with every Nike Air Max model.

For everyday wear, this sneaker silhouette is definitely top! Super comfortable and very robust. Of course, you should also take care of the kicks for an optimal experience.

How does the Air Max 1 fit?

Just like the AM 90 and many other Air Max models, the Air Max 1 fits true to size. So you can simply follow the Nike size chart.  Just click here and you will be taken directly to the full size charts at Nike. There you can simply scroll to the right size you need.

Air Max Elephant

Images: @egotrips-store

How much does a pair of AM 1s cost?

Normally, you pay around €150 for a pair of AM1s at Nike and/or other retailers. Currently, however, it is difficult to get a pair at retail prices, as recently either hyped collaborations have been released, which are immediately available on various resell platforms and end up at twice the price, or only a sad handful of General Releases were released. You can check out the Sneakerjagers Search Engine for Air Max 1 models and their prices in retail and resell.

What is the Nike Air Max 1 inspired by?

The Air Max 1 was designed by iconic designer Tinker Hatfield aka The Architect. He is also the creative mind behind many Jordan models and the Nike Air Mag designed for the movie “Back to the Future”.

The 69-year-old drew inspiration for the design of the Nike Air Max 1 from a trip to Paris. As he himself was a trained architect and was of course also interested in the architecture of buildings in his private life, it was obvious that his inspiration for the first sneaker with a visible air unit also originated there.

The world-famous Centre Pompidou in Paris is an architectural masterpiece where the architects went all out to externalise the inner workings of the cultural centre. And so Tinker Hatfield also made the previous inner workings of the Midsole visible on the outside.

Air Max 1 Inspiration
Air Max 1 Inspiration

Images: @centrepompidou

More about the Air Max family?

You can read more about the Nike Air Max 1 and other famous sneakers with Air in the Sneakerjagers Sneaker News.

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