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Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS

Tommy Triggah, aka Tom Römer, is not only a Sneakerjager and therefore their brand manager, he is also a blogger and now a shoe designer. Together with Morgan from Morprime Industries, the two sneakerheads have designed a KangaROOS Racer Hybrid with the exciting name ‘Inside Job’. In this Sneakerjagers interview, Tommy tells us more about the design process of his own sneaker and we additionally chat about his style and passion.

As part of the European CONNECT Project, the brand asked eight European sneakerheads if they would like to design a shoe, each in pairs of two. The project aims to bring the European sneaker scene together despite physical distance, most importantly driven by their love for shoes. The influencers were also allowed to choose ‘MiG’ silhouettes, which means Made in Germany, from the exclusive line.

The Morprime x Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS ‘Inside Job’ is the first collab of the project to be released. On Saturday, 10 July 2021, at 12pm, you can buy it for 250€ at selected retailers such as the Egotrips online store. So better be ready, as the shoe is limited to 500 pairs!

To this, you can buy an Egotrips exklusive T-Shirt related to this project.

Sneakerjagers Interview with Tommy Triggah: Insights to the Inside Job

How did it come about that Morgan from Morprime Industries and you should work together?

Morgan and I have known each other for a long time and we come from the same background. Although he is a bit younger than me, we grew up with the same influences. We are kids from the 80s and 90s. This time has shaped our character and taste extremely.

So we were no strangers and we were also connected with the people from KangaROOS. People sense that when you fit together well. That’s also the case with our shoe, it just feels organic.

By the way, Morgan was the face of Grabcity, which is the UK version of Sneakerness. He then worked at SneakerFreaker and now manages and implements his own projects with his agency.

What was your inspiration for the design of your shoe?

Our taste was the biggest motive for the design and also for the name. At first we thought about whether we should incorporate our origins, for example England for Morgan and the Netherlands for me. But then we decided against it. Also, shoes are often inspired by a certain part of a big city or the underground line you used to ride. But that was not what we were looking for. The focus should be on the shoe and not on the story.

Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS

It was and is important to us that many people like it and find it beautiful. Design, colour, comfort, quality and authenticity are important to us. Ultimately, however, our own taste was the motive for the design and also the name. We are part of the community and have, so to speak, made a shoe by the community for the community. An ‘inside job’, in other words. In short: We simply wanted to make a good shoe!

Then, what makes the ‘Inside Job’ a good shoe?

Inside Job’ is new, unprecedented and yet familiar at the same time. Its colours are very unconventional and KangaROOS has also never used some of the materials before. For example, the tongue is made of Newgreen, a sock material more familiar from the Nike Huarache.

It was also important to us and KangaROOS that production is sustainable. That means that as little waste as possible is produced. We discussed all this in many Zoom meetings. Of course, there were also limits to what was possible, because the shoe also had to have a reasonable enough price.

The Inside Job KangaROOS
The Inside Job KangaROOS
The Inside Job KangaROOS

Images: Sneakerjagers

A lot of work and quality went into the shoe, and you should see that. That’s why the premium look is also supported by the packaging. Buyers get a dustbag, a certificate, a little back story, extra laces and a special box. Actually, we wanted to have pins with our three logos, but unfortunately they couldn’t be finished in time.

To collectors who want to support the European CONNECT Project, I would like to say that all the shoeboxes of the four collabs end up fitting together to make a special picture.

Why did you choose the silhouette of the Race Hybrid?

I knew right away which silhouette to choose when KangaROOS asked me if I wanted to design a shoe. I think it was a general release when the Racer Hybrid ‘Black Purple’ came out in 2018. It just was such a strong colorway.

KangaROOS Race Hybrid
KangaROOS Race Hybrid

Images: Asphaltgold

Morgan then immediately agreed with the choice from the brand’s archive. Also, the Racer Hybrid is not used that often, which was another reason for me to choose it. Our ‘Inside Job’ is handmade in the Hummel and Hummel factory in Germany, which again reflects our demands on the quality of the shoe.

Every shoe in the Blackline by KangaROOS is handmade in Germany. This is the exclusive line for premium sneakers, while general releases are called Redline. Tommy himself spent two days in the production halls to follow the process of making the shoes.
*These pictures are examples of the production.

KangaROOS Inside Job Project
KangaROOS Inside Job Project
KangaROOS Inside Job Project
KangaROOS Inside Job Project
KangaROOS Inside Job Project

Images: KangaROOS

What were the (emotional) ups and downs for you?

It just got really exciting at the end, as I only got the shoe a good week ago. Even Morgan in the UK had it earlier, despite the import duties and everything. And as I said, we also wanted to deliver pins with it, but that didn’t work out now in the end.

Besides, ‘limited to 500’ doesn’t sound like much, but for the MiG models it’s a lot. We also have the risk that the shoe will end up on sale. It’s always best when it’s sold out.

I was really happy when I saw the reactions after the first promos. That was a real moment of happiness, because only then could I realise that a dream had just come true. A dream that I had on my bucket list for a long time, but that seemed so far away and unattainable at the same time. A dream that many fans of footwear have.

Tommy has always done his thing. Of course, you can’t compare the time of his youth with today. There was no internet, there were not so many shops, but much more local trends. Today, sneakers are mainstream, but in the past, people still wore them for their original function, which was sport. Back then, young people started a revolution by breaking expectations. Tommy Hilfiger, for example, is also launching a retro collection.

You did it and proved once again that you follow your own style and achieve goals through your authenticity. How do you find your identity and what can we learn from you?

For today’s generation of young people, a sneaker has a completely different meaning than it did for us back then. For me, it’s pure sentiment. I relive my youth with my passion. So I’ve seen the originals of most kicks, but back then I could only languish. The shoes left a big impression and the feeling of unattainability. I’m still here today because of the magic I felt as a 12- or 13-year-old.

Tommy Triggah
Tommy Triggah

Images: Sneakerjagers

That’s why I’m also convinced that passion must go further than trends. And that will continue in the scene today, probably in a different way. Maybe in 20 years the Yeezy will be for the current generation what the Air Max 90 is for us. Sentiment, nostalgia, memory – united in a shoe that has long been more than just that. Namely a symbol for a time.

We at Sneakerjagers are also such a mixed team and we talk about the same things across generations. I like people with passion, because you need passion for life.

Do your thing, follow your taste and stay true to yourself. That’s what Tommy recommends and at the same time shows us how it’s done. Congratulations on a wonderful shoe and we hope for great success. Thank you for the interview!

This Interview is from Sneakerjagers Deutschland. For more content like this check out their Sneaker News.