THE "ASICS" BOYS & GIRLS It‘s no secret that we…


It‘s no secret that we as Team Egotrips have a great passion and love for the Asics brand. Since 2014, we have crossed paths with Asics Sportstyle Europe time and time again. We were allowed to work in the pleasure for various cooperations and releases on the part of Asics and / or on the part of the project partners.

Now it‘s finally time for us to give back some of our love for our favorite sneaker brand and the associated Asics Addict community. ASICS BOYS & GIRLS is synonymous with the passion and love that collectors worldwide have for the brand from Japan, even when the hype wasn‘t there. With our small, strong limited capsule collection, we want to give something back to the community and also make visible the collectors who, far from the hype and media hype, remain loyal to the brand and pursue their passion for collecting.

The capsule was created in cooperation with our Asics Addict family and it´s VERY IMPORTANT TO SAY: that this is not an official project or product of the brand Asics Sportstyle, but only a temporary enthusiasts and collectors project, which comes from the heart.

This collection is just for the Asics Boys & Girls out there.
All items of the Capsule are strictly limited to 50 pieces each.