@ALEXISMYSNEAKERS 1. Can you briefly introduce yourself? Alexis: Hi, I…


1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Alexis: Hi, I am Alexis, I am 25 years old, I am from France, in suburbs of Paris, you can find me on ig by writing @alexismysneakers.

2. Since when do you collect shoes and why Asics?

Alexis: I am in Asics since 8 years now, and i really started to collect collabs and rare Asics since 2014-2015. My passion for Asics came naturally. I had heard vaguely about the Asics and SneakerFreaker collaboration at the time (the alvin purple), but 3 years after the release, I researched informations about this collab, writing Asics in google image, and I found everything except what I was looking for on the SneakerFreaker as it was very limited at the time, but saw pictures of Asics by Kith and Ronnie Fieg, and the colors were crazy, then saw all of them his pairs in 2014 at the Sneakerness Paris, and we are there today haha !

3. Your sneaker wall is on fire, which 3 shoes would you save?

Alexis: Hard haha, i save Slam Jam 5th dimension gel lyte III, Leatherbacks Ronnie Fieg instead of woei cervidae gel lyte III, because it harder to find.. and Jun Watanabe gel lyte III.

4. If you could change one thing in the sneaker game: What would it be?

Alexis: The shape of the gel lyte III please !!!

5. What is the best soft drink in the world?

Alexis: Classic coca cola in glass bottle with lemon and ice !

6. Which current living person would you most like to meet?

Alexis: Woei is someone who inspire me for years now, his shop, his collection, the things he did for sneaker communauty, really a great person in my opinion !

7. Dogs or cats?

Alexis: dogs, even i love cats… but dogs all day

8. Any final words for the community?

Alexis: wear what you like the most, don’t follow something because others follow this, decide by yourself.
Thank you,Alexis